Fair-Take Media Solutions

Fair-Take Media Solutions
Fair-Take Media has taken the visual arts industry beyond its years with innovative ideas, through handwork and striving to stay up-to-date with what's happening around the world.

At Fair-Take Media we are flexible enough to tailor-make any production to your specific requirements. We are well equipped with digital and visual expertise, new media design and theory expertise. We don't focus on one specific style but with every new project that comes we take it as a task to be innovative and create a new style.

Who we are:

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About Us
Fair-Take was established in 2008, in response to the growing demand for innovative and interesting media in Zimbabwe, adding to it a certain level of excellence and professionalism. As your media we believe that we will achieve the desired effect because of our dedication and commitment to satisfying your needs, which we value as our greatest asset. By understanding you, we are able to provide the necessary services that make you trend setters in your area of expertise. We like to work with you with ample time ahead of us to ensure the correct theme and/or goal is achieved.

What we do:

Our Services...

We Specialise in the following Services :
Video Filming & Production, Photography, Advertising Materials, Branding, Printing, Graphic Designing & Advertising.

We also offer companies the following :
Concept Dev & Theme Work, Logo Designing, Name Badges, Banner Design & Printing, etc

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